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one zest


One Zest is a digital game that creates a community of responsible citizens and helps them identify and support local businesses, brands, services, initiatives and non-profits that benefit their community and the environment

Our Mission The Team

Earth is at a tipping point…

and many studies show that if humans don’t improve the way they consume, we could see the end of humanity before 2100*.

We ALL have to become RESPONSIBLE Earthians. But we have to change the way we eat, buy, use energy, and impact our community. 

Luckily, humans are very ingenious and find ways to solve problems. As a result, new technologies and solutions are developed everywhere.

One Zest is a simple tool that allows Zesters (our Members) to identify those solutions and support them locally. In return, they can get rewards and frequent users get cash coupons.

(* Anthony Barnosky, Berkeley University and Elizabeth Hadly Stanford University Nature #486 2012, study signed by 25 scientists and warning Earth faced a ‘planetary-scale tipping point’ because of human-caused climate disruptions, species extinctions, ecosystem loss, pollution and population growth)

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