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one zest

Master Pae

Master Pae

My name is Master PAE, and I created ONE ZEST and founded the Green Knights Order.

I come from a distant planet in a remote Galaxy, and my world is about to disappear.

We have over consumed and as a result our entire system is compromised. We are too many. We are sick. We are distressed. And unfortunately, we are too late to change anything.

My tribe has been trying to reverse the damages created by our civilization for a long time but we failed.

We have been watching Earth and know all too well how you will end if you don’t take action now.

We don’t have a lot of time left (and neither do you if you don’t change) but we will help you. We believe you are a very innovative species and many solutions already exist on Earth, with more emerging everyday.

Sign up for One Zest, join the Green Knights Order and let me guide you to become a better Earthian.

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