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Copenhageners love their bikes

Since I moved to Copenhagen, I totally transitioned from driving to biking. And believe me when I say I don’t miss my car at all! Using my bike as my main transportation has changed my lifestyle completely. On top of the health and financial benefits, I decreased my frantic pace to a slower and more peaceful rhythm. I am reminded every day that the Danish cycling culture is a relevant example of a green and sustainable society that makes our planet a better place.

Bike parked on train platform

Copenhagen has the ambition of becoming the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. To achieve that target, the city has put in place a series of measures with specific goals and initiatives focusing on energy consumption, energy production, city administration initiatives, and green mobility. Copenhagen alone has around 400 km of cycle paths, and about 40 percent of the capital’s population commute to work by bicycle. So the city already offers a lot of infrastructures dedicated only to cyclists!

bikes by the harbor

But biking is more than a sustainable goal; it is embedded in the Danish DNA. Don’t mess with a Dane on his bike! Thanks to the oil crisis in the 60s, Denmark became a cycling nation. Environmentalists and some controversial road projects also helped to reverse the dominance of cars at that time. Looking for cheaper and more reliable transportation, the Danes slowly switched their cars for bikes. Since then, cycling has gradually become a major transportation. Copenhagen being a relatively flat city probably helps a bit also…

bikes in a park

A recent event has gathered the cyclists of Copenhagen, when the world-renowned French photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, photographed and filmed them in June. The material will be used in his new film “Woman” and in the book “2030 NOW” about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Another proof that Copenhagen is the World’s Best Bicycle City!

To be people-friendly, overcrowded cities of the future have to offer sustainable mobility solutions for all. One Zest locally identifies planet-friendly products and places and is launching its pilot in Copenhagen, a leading example in urban sustainability.

And of course, the One Zest team bikes everywhere!


Emilie Correa


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