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This week will be about glitter and some very easy glitter substitutes. First though, what is the issue with glitter?

The main problem is when glitter ends up in the ocean. Like almost all plastics, glitter eventually will end up in the oceans (most of the time). Glitter is a microplastic, and so the clean up is very difficult, so it will often stay in the oceans for hundreds of years. Some of the effects of glitter include wildlife and marine life consuming the microplastic, which can cause them to die of starvation. According to National Geographic, “Scientists estimate more than 8 trillion microbeads enter U.S. waters daily.” This is a CRAZY amount of plastic, and the consequences can be catastrophic over time.

Golden glitter bottle
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

But don’t worry! As always this is an easy problem to fix if everyone works together. There are several options, from just quitting glitter in general, to finding readily available substitutes. But I know that you have a fairly busy life, so let me just give them to you! One substitute is using bio-degradable glitter. There are many brands that sell this product such as,, and many more!

glitter spilled on paper
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Another option to use instead of plastic glitter is making salt glitter. This is a really cool, and fun DIY project you can do at home. All you need is some salt, a sealable bag (preferably reusable!) and some food dye! Here is the link to the recipe:

The last option is just passing on glitter! It is fun and sparkly, but very messy and not at all necessary. The environment will thank you for it.

ocean picture and sky
Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash

One Zest makes it so easy to be able to pinpoint all kinds of solutions all over your community. Our goal is to accelerate a necessary transition to sustainability and make saving the earth as easy as can be! Visit our website!

Global Goal Number 14 Life Below Water
Global Goal Number 14 Life Below Water

Mae Campbell,
One Zest Advisor, Gen Z Acquisition

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