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one zest

How It Works

One Zest is a fun, educational, innovative and rewarding app locally connecting consumers to people and planet- friendly brands and services.

Download the App

The first step to becoming a Zester is to download the app, register, take our oath and join the Green Knights Order. Once you’ve completed those steps, you will get your very own avatar and can join the One Zest community!

Green Knights Order Oath

Green Knights Order Oath

We ask Zesters to pledge:

to eat better — including locally grown and organic food, and less meat

to shop better by supporting locally owned and independent stores and socially and environmentally responsible businesses and brands

to reduce their carbon footprint

to refuse, reuse, recycle, repair and share

to vote

to join a community bank or use local currency when available

to engage in their community by volunteering, donating or supporting a local non-profit or charity.

Go to a Zest

 Our platform tracks avatars on Google maps, so for a Zester to access a Zest, you have to physically go to the Zest location.

Zests are icons that locally direct players to brands, organizations, businesses, initiatives, and products that are socially impactful or promote sustainable and green living.

examples of icons

UN Sustainable Development Goals: a better and more sustainable future for all

In order to be vetted, a Zest has to promote at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it ís important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030.

Collect Zests

There are two ways a Zest can be collected:

Zests are posted on the map using specific GPS coordinates. One Zest technology is paired with Google Maps so that when a Zester is physically at a location, she can collect the Zest by tapping on the screen.

GPS precision can vary depending on the weather, phone, location, etc. So in order to promote a special section in a partner’s location, Zesters have to scan a
QR Code to collect Seeds.

Move up in the ranks

A new Zester enters the Green Knight Order as a Page and after collecting enough Zests, they move onto Squire and then finally, they become a Knight. With each Zest collected, a Zester gets Seeds. Once a Zester becomes a Knight, the player gets more powers. For example, he can create challenges, post his own Zests, and can enter the Frequent Zester Program and get cash reward to use at one of our partners.  


Every time a Zester collects a Zest (via scan or geo-catching) she gets a credit of Seed(s) to her account.

A Zesty, yellow Zest with a bulb icon, is usually placed in parks, trails or outdoor spaces, and is a tip to become more sustainable. Value = 1 Seed.

A Yellow Zest – usually placed in parks, trails or outdoor spaces – promotes a digital platform that offers a sustainable solution. The icon on the Zest refers to the category. Value = 3 Seeds.

An Orange Zest identifies a solution that benefits your community. The icon on the Zest refers to the category. Orange Zests direct Zester to the specific location from where the solution operates. Value = 6 Seeds.

A Green Zest identifies a solution that benefits the environment. The icon on the Zest refers to the category. Green Zests direct Zester to the specific location from where the solution operates.


The bigger the community, the better the impact. We want our Zesters to make a difference. And for that, we need a large community in a lot of different places. We know you care about becoming more sustainable and we want the game to reward you for your efforts.

A “gift” Zest, when collected, will reward the Zester with the gift described. It is either a gift or coupon sponsored by one or our partners, or by the One Zest Team.

This icon refers to our Frequent Zester Program, the One Zest loyalty program. It is opened for Knights only and each time an FZP Zest is collected, the Zester gets a cash reward on a special cash account tied to his One Zest Profile. Once the cash account exceeds $50, the amount can be converted into a cash card at one of the participating Partners.

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