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Thank you for your interest in becoming a One Zest partner!

In version 1.0 of the game, we have pre-populated the game with vetted Zests so that we can guarantee the quality of their impact. Once we have built critical mass and a strong community, we will switch to a user-generated model.

We ask all Zesters (Partners and Players) to take our one time oath, then Partners to explain the environmental or social impact of their Zest. And in version 2.0, Zesters will be able to rate the impact of each Zest.

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Version 1.0 of the app will be free for both Zesters and Partners. In version 2.0., the game will still be free for players but for-profit partners will be required to pay a small fee to participate. Learn more about how One Zest works here!

For Profit Partners

We welcome all kinds of businesses and projects to join our Partners program. Examples of One Zest partners include:
  • locally owned and independent stores
  • businesses, products, services, initiatives promoting fair trade and sustainability
  • brands with strong community engagement or corporate social responsibility programs (CSR)
Partner Benefits

No minimum: Our partners decide how much they want to invest in a campaign.

Pay per Zest: Our partners only pay when a Zester visits their business and collects a Zest.

Zests generate foot traffic to specific locations.

Partners gain brand exposure by being part of our global network as well as face-to-face opportunities with engaged local consumers.

Amplified community impact.

Attract new customers through cross-promotional opportunities and co-branded events.

Non-Profit Partners

One Zest non-profit partners can be any initiative that offers:
  • a socially responsible solution for a community
  • environmental solutions
  • opportunities for social good
Partner Benefits

Campaigns for non-profits are free although we suggest a voluntary contribution of up to $50 per year per Zest. In the near future, we hope our growth will allow us to wave that fee.

Zests generate foot traffic to a specific location, so it’s a great tool to help activate and organize volunteers.

One Zest gives organizations greater exposure and more face-to-face opportunities with a community of responsible citizens.

One Zest helps organizations reinforce their voice in the community.

One Zest is an innovative, simple way to attract new members.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Tell us more about your brand and we will be in touch.

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