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Patagonia, not just the tip of South America

Hey guys!
So this blog post is about the brand Patagonia. Patagonia is, at least in my town, a HUGE trend. In the wintertime, you can’t go more than 2 minutes without seeing someone wearing one of their jackets/sweatshirts. And you can’t blame these people, they are super light yet warm, and they are, for the most part, quite cute! But, what some of you may not know, is how great they are for the planet, and for humanity!
Patagonia ad for jacket with canoe on lake and orange jacket
Patagonia ad
At Patagonia, they support many different causes, and so they have been coined the “Activist Company”. The brand works with many different issues and provides solutions such as food provisions to provide hurricane relief, donating money to grassroots organizations, and petitioning to ban all unnecessary uses of insecticides in order to save the worlds remaining bee population. On top of that, if you go to the website, then you can find many different links to organizations where you can donate, or to products that support a cause and offer a sustainable solution.
Patagonia Fleece
Patagonia Fleece
This brand provides a very easy way to make a small difference in the world. And one of the best things is that even though they are working so hard to change the world, the quality of their products doesn’t suffer. This may not make a ton of sense when I say it, so let me make it a little bit simpler. For example, oftentimes if you were to eat both a sugar-free cupcake and then a regular cupcake, you would probably think that the regular cupcake tasted a little better, even though the sugar-free one is healthier and the better choice. With Patagonia it is the same situation, however, the products (e.g. the jackets) are just as warm and comfortable as some from a brand that does not put as much thought into these kinds of things. More bang for your buck!
Patagonia also helps to educate! As you might know from what I have explained in my previous blogs, education is one of the key steps towards a brighter future, and not only school education, but education about things like your impact, and about the world in general. So when I was on their website, researching a little for this blog, I learned a bunch of really interesting things. For example on the page about saving the bees, I learned that bees are responsible for roughly one in every three bites of food we eat (!!!). Little things like this are continually helping me to open my eyes to the incredible ecosystem and world that we all live in. Hopefully, this has the same effect on others around the world!
Bee on lavender
Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash
Bottom line is Patagonia is the perfect brand for your average eco-friendly and stylish person. And definitely, a Zest to be featured in our game!
Fashion Zest benefiting the Environment
Fashion Zest benefiting the Environment

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