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Summer flowers in Copenhagen

Do you ever wonder how to spend an afternoon in Copenhagen in a wildlife paradise picking flowers? Here is how you can, and why you should!
Like many of the initiatives started by the city of Copenhagen, Amager is a Green idea: create a flowery meadow at the doors of the Danish Capital. There is a strong political desire to make Copenhagen greener and to increase its biological diversity. Partly because of a recognition that it is necessary to incorporate climate concerns and to make Copenhagen a more healthy and attractive place to live. And also because climate adaptation is a necessity, especially after recent violent storms that caused floods in different areas of the city.
In that optic, the city of Copenhagen adopted a “Space for Nature” strategy in 2011. The strategy contains a number of proposals and efforts to maintain and increase biodiversity in Copenhagen. Maintaining biodiversity in the city and around is one of the solutions to adapt and mitigate climate change but also to improve the quality of life for locals. 
And the flowery meadow in Amager is one of the coolest ideas.
Wild Daisys in Meadow
Photo by Rachael Fritz on Unsplash
Amager Nature Park is located a few kilometers from the city and is composed of many species and an exceptionally rich bird life. Lots of Copenhageners live in this part of the island because it´s a peaceful place, right and at the gates of the city. 
I discovered last year the green project that was started in Amager, in the spring of 2016, when millions of wildflowers seeds were planted in Kalvebod fælled along Selinevej.
Meadow with wildflowers
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
In August, visitors enjoyed a colorful meadow attracting bees, butterflies and promoting biodiversity. Guests were even welcome to pick wildflowers for free. A great initiative, taking care of the planet and people as well, because spending time in nature has a huge impact on the mind! And I vividly remember the happy faces of all the lucky visitors carrying big bags of colorful flowers!

At One Zest we like to identify sustainable projects that offer a positive impact on the environment and the community. By connecting our players with locally sustainable actions, we can build a strong community of responsible Earthians. We hope, as the bees and the birds, that this meadow will be as spectacular this summer, it is really worth a detour!
One Zest App Screen shot with community garden and other icons
One Zest App Screenshot
Emilie Correa

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