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Hi there,
This week will be about the benefits of shopping locally and with independent businesses. I know that this sounds hard, with acme right there, or stop and shop just a 5-minute drive away, but it really is a lot healthier, better for the environment, better for the community, helps to keep taxes low, and helps to keep your community unique.
When you shop locally, you are buying products that have been made by people who were paid and treated fairly. You are also helping to keep the small, unique businesses in your town alive.  The importance of this cannot be understated because having these little shops also helps to keep the local economy thriving.
Woman selecting clothes on rack in shop
Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash
Another key benefit is having lower taxes. This happens because locally owned businesses put less of a strain on local infrastructure, requiring less work by the town and state governments. By supporting locally owned businesses, it encourages more locally owned businesses, thus resulting in more responsible land and property owners.
One of the obvious ones is the health benefits! By shopping for food locally, it generally means much less processed food, and the food has not had to travel very far to get onto your dinner table. The meat that you may buy is also generally more organic, and the animals are better treated. Locally grown food is also seasonal food and picked at their peak ripeness. Often, produce at local businesses is picked within 24 hours of being sold. Locally grown food also has more nutrients!
fruits and vegetables in market
Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash
The final benefit that I will be discussing is about the environmental benefits. Non-local products, have to be transported to be brought to your town or city, and transportation is really not good for the environment with the amount of carbon emission that results.  With local products, they are also going to be less industrial, and industry is very negatively impactful to the environment. Non-local agriculture is most of the time industrial agriculture. This is one of the worst things about not shopping locally. Industrial agriculture pollutes soil, air, water, as well as seriously compromises the welfare of the animals that it cares for. Industrial farmers often have to face miserable working conditions and wages.
Pretty landscape with Vineyard
Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash
However, finding responsible local shops is very easy! From your local farmers market to little boutiques, locally owned businesses are everywhere!
The personalized care that you receive there is just something that cant be replaced.
Hand holding smart phone with One Zest map
One Zest App
As always, One Zest (not yet available in the US but soon) can make it even easier for you and we can point out plenty of responsible, local businesses for you to shop at, and we will even reward you for it! Bottom line is that shopping locally helps your community, and contributes to 7 of the 17 goals for sustainable that the UN has set forth to sustainable development.
Global Goals 17 icons
Global Goals 17 icons
Thanks for reading!
Mae Campbell, One Zest
Advisor Gen Z acquisition

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